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NgTalks 2018


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Please select the number of tickets you want to order
Tickets for "NgTalks 2018" (08/10/2018 – 08/11/2018)
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Regular Ticket
Workshop 9th of August.Taming Forms in Angular
One full-day workshops will be held just prior to the conference.
Workshop 8th of August. RxJS - Level up to advanced skills
One full-day workshop.
Workshop 9th of August. First steps into Functional Programming
One full-day workshop.

Event details

First Angular focused conference in Kharkov, Ukraine coming on August 8th to 11th

We will be offering two full-day pre-conference workshops on, August 8 & 9, 2018.


We’re always doing our best in pushing Angular community forward, so we’re delighted to announce the first of many conference dedicated to latest and greatest news and
insights from the global Angular network, covering best practices,
approaches and cutting-edge trends.

Join us and a group of world-known Angular developers to share knowledge and
spend a couple of days in one of the coziest venues in Kharkov.

Please keep that information confidentially
10 — 11 August 2018
Friday — Saturday
Starts at 09:00
Ukraine, Kharkiv
Blagovischenska Steet 1

Event host

Yana Verbitskaya

Organization questions

email: info@ngtalks.io

phone: +38 050 656 82 21

Valery Garbouz

Organization questions

email: info@ngtalks.io

phone: +38 066 83 89 181